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Developed by machinists in 1993 and patented in 2004 the Xpandrel was truly an invention born from necessity.  Originally designed to hold thin walled high precision parts to prevent part distortion, it was quickly recognized that this new design was so much more.  

The design was created developed and manufactured by Palmer Machine Company of Conway New Hampshire until 2012.  In the fall of 2012 the product line was acquired by Mountain Machine Works of Auburn Maine.  Mountain Machine Works is very excited to add the Xpandrel line to our array of services and products.  

We look forward to continuing the innovation and development of the Xpandrel to better meet the needs of modern manufacturing.  After the completion of the new website and roll out of a truly standardized line, we will look ahead to further our work on the development of hydraulic and draw bar actuation options.  We are also currently developing a Micro series for production of tiny precision parts for the medical industry.

Please feel free to visit the Mountain Machine Works Web Site to learn more about us.